Advertising With LME

Lion Mountain Entertainment (LME) produces and curates outstanding online video content. We bring users original, innovative and engaging video entertainment via our specialised online platforms.

Online Platforms

LME’s key pages and websites operate in tandem with their social media platforms, reaching a dedicated online community resulting in active engagement from end users and network expansion with B2B contacts. Our day-to-day promotion, primarily via Cameo Launch, has an average monthly reach of around 14,000 impressions from the UK, United States, Brazil, India and more. Focused promotions can reach upwards of 10,000 additional people per post or notification.

While each individual LME platform is dedicated and tailored to its respective audience, the Lion Mountain Entertainment website acts as a focal point for all of the content that we create and/or present. This makes LME a great source of varied online entertainment.

Cameo Launch

Cameo Launch Online Short Film Cinema curates, promotes and presents the best short films available online to stream for free. As well as being a focal point for premium quality short film, we also produce in-depth reviews, editorials and interviews covering the current events and latest developments from across the indie film and film festival landscape. Click here to take a look at the Cameo Launch page.

LME Films

LME Films commissions and produces short films and web series utilising the talents of filmmakers and actors from the broadest possible spectrum of backgrounds. This allows us to tell a wide range of stories and provide a varied selection of movie experiences, from sci-fi action to family drama to romantic comedy. As with Cameo Launch, the LME Films page acts as a focal point for our work, giving users the option of going to a central point for all of our productions, while still making them available via other platforms like Reelhouse, Gumroad and Vimeo. Take a look at the LME Films page.

LME Media

LME Media provides bespoke video production services to businesses and performing artists. Another primary production service available from LME Media caters to weddings and family events, offering meticulous coverage and multiple output options beyond the standard optical formats. Supplementary video programming related to the types of services offered by LME Media is also produced, highlighting business-related issues, upcoming performing artists and wedding service providers. This gives potential clients comprehensive examples of the quality of our work, but also assists in making our site a focal point for organisations and individuals looking for examples of work in other fields. This allows LME to attract audiences with interests in business, music, fashion, catering and many other subjects. Check out the LME Media page.

LME Shop

Our online shop also gives our users and followers the option of purchasing movies, books, music and more from independent artists. We also work with select movie and music labels in order to provide cult and classic titles for users looking for more mainstream options. Visit our shop now.


The LME Follower

The Student Follower

Our student follower has a median age of 20, studies in the north west  of England and is an avid follower of mainstream chart music as well as being a huge fan of event movies. Outside of studying their chosen media and communications subject for their undergraduate degree, the student follower is an avid fan of online gaming and a regular social media user, particularly Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The social life of the student follower centres around the amazing nightlife available in the metropolitan cities in England’s north west. This includes taking advantage of student-oriented and DJ-led nightclub events, concerts, independent live performance music events, comedy nights and travelling to neighbouring cities to see their favourite performing artists. Strong use of internet access in combination with their entertainment interests, leads to a frequent habit of visiting and engaging in platforms that focus on presenting and sharing video content. The nature of their studies leads them in the direction of platforms dedicated to high quality short film. A strong social life informs their interest in fashion, the latest social tech (smartphones, gaming consoles, branded music accessories) and youth-driven travel such as backpacking or interrailing. Social media access coupled with organised societies keeps the student follower updated as to current events and provides an environment for them to become politically aware and active.

The Young Professional Follower

The young professional follower has a median age of 29 and is at the beginning of a career in the creative industries in Manchester or London. Personal interests relating to entertainment stem from preferences established during their student years and have progressed to include non-mainstream and cult/classic music and film. The young professional follower is in a serious relationship or married, but still with no dependents. As such they use their disposable income from an average annual salary of £29,000, for leisure activities, such as frequenting their favourite restaurants and late bars. Occasional big expenditures on leisure activities include short holidays and romantic getaways to UK-based resorts or longer trips to southern European destinations. Their disposable income is also utilised in accordance with their interest in home entertainment technology (Smart TVs, soundbars/Bluetooth audio) and online entertainment platforms (Apple/Netflix/Amazon Video). Having followed short film from their student years and having developed an interest in independent film as a result, the young professional follower is tuned in to the biggest film festivals (Edinburgh, Leeds, Cannes) and is very knowledgeable about event movies as well as those tipped for awards (Oscars, Baftas). The professional follower has followed the drifting of cerebral character-led entertainment from cinema to TV and online platforms and is the go-to person for info on the latest big series (Game of Thrones, Orange is the new Black, House of Cards).

Website Audience: Gender Breakdown

  • Male
  • Female

Website Audience: Age Breakdown

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55-64
  • 65+

Website Audience: In Market Interests

  • 42.42% Of Total Sessions

Website Audience: Related Interest Categories

  • 46.68% of total sessions

Data compiled from Google Analytics

Social Media Audience Interests (% of Total Audience)

Movie news and general info 91%
Independent 89%
Movie festivals 78%
Foreign 74%
Sci-fi and fantasy (Movies and television) 67%
Documentary 65%
Horror 64%
Action and adventure 62%
Screenwriting 58%
Comedy (Movies and television) 54%

Social Media Audience Favourite TV Genres (% of Total Audience)

Drama 76%
Movies 66%
Sci-fi 59%
Sports 58%
Comedy 56%
Reality 48%
Children & Family 47%
Variety 44%
Talk 40%
Documentary & Special Interest 40%

Social Media Audience Top Occupations (% of Total Audience)

Professional/Technical 34%
Homemaker 26%
Self Employed 20%
White Collar Worker 20%
Health Services 19%
Management 15%

Social Media Audience Consumer Buying Styles

  • % of Total Audience

Data compiled from Twitter Analytics and Facebook page insights.

Display Advertising

We offer display space for advertising on our Homepage as well as in our online shop and our News & Updates page.  The majority of our promotions draw our users attention to our latest movies and video updates as well as our news articles and Cameo Launch short film reviews. We also advertise on behalf of the content providers whose work is sold via our online shop, making these pages the prime positions to draw attention to your brand and promotions. All adverts include hyperlinks to the advertiser’s website or promotional page and remain in place for 30 days.

Display Advertising Rates

Accordion Display Advert (One Month) – £150 + VAT

Leaderboard (One Month) – £150 + VAT

Wide Skyscraper: Sidebar (One Month) – £150 + VAT

Medium Rectangle: Sidebar – £150 + VAT

Medium Rectangle: Footer – £100 + VAT

Display Advertising Specifications

Format – JPEG or PNG / Mode – RGB / Resolution – 72 DPI


Accordion: 1280px x 720px (100 word content limit)

Leaderboard: 728px x 90px

Wide Skyscraper: 160px x 600px

Medium Rectangle: 300px x 250px

Print Magazine

Launching in October, our monthly free print magazine will work in tandem with our online platform. Cameo Launch Short Film Magazine is an A5 16 page publication and will premiere with a circulation of 5000 copies per month being delivered to over 200 regional locations including cinemas, theatres, high street retail outlets and creative media businesses in Manchester and Liverpool as well as selected locations in Nottingham, Birmingham and London. Cameo Launch will expand its visibility from its online presence by targeting the staff in locations whose area of business is directly related to the topics that we cover. Selected locations, such as commercial buildings housing creative companies, cinemas and movie and music retail stores offer front of house presentation and access to the general public for additional public visibility.

By focusing in these areas, our magazine is perfectly placed to secure a readership of young professionals, students and retail employees between 18-35, largely in the ABC1 category, commanding an average salary of £30,000 in areas with strong purchasing power.

Magazine Advertising Rates

Full Page (Inside Front Cover) – £325 + VAT

Half Page (Inside Front Cover) – £180 + VAT

Full Page (Interior Pages) – £275 + VAT

Half Page (Interior Pages) – £150 + VAT

Quarter Page (Interior Pages) – £85 + VAT

Full Page (Inside Rear Cover) – £300 + VAT

Half Page (Inside Rear Cover) – £175 + VAT

Rear Cover – £350 + VAT

Magazine Advertising Specifications

Format –  PDF or JPEG / Mode – CMYK mode / Resolution – 300 dpi

Please include 3mm bleed free of text with crop marks for full page adverts

Full Page –  148mm (width) x 210mm (height)

Half Page – 148mm (width) x 105mm (height)

Quarter Page – 74mm (width) x 105mm (height)

Monthly Sponsorship

With common internet usage having veered heavily towards platforms that provide and disseminate video content, LME is perfectly placed to capitalise on its established audience of fans and makers of short film via LME Films. By commissioning films to be made by production teams independent of LME itself, each project has an in-built audience of users who are already following the filmmakers that we hire. Additionally, promotion via the existing followers of Cameo Launch and the followers of our commissioned filmmakers provide an engaged audience of 18-35 year olds, primarily in the ABC1 category but also including university students training in creative arts. Students reading film production or film studies in the UK are in an exponentially expanding group, with an increase in the numbers of film studies students of 240% and film production students of 589% between 2004 and 2012.

Our users and followers have an identifiable set of core interests and are an ideal audience for the sponsorship available to purchase in relation to the content the LME Films produces.

The sponsorship offered by LME Films is sold as a three-part package that remain in place for one calendar month. The three components of the sponsorship package are:

Film/Video Pre-Roll

Our films can display an integrated video advert for your company prior to the start of the film itself. These adverts can last for up to 15 seconds before the film and 30 seconds after the film. Existing stings are inserted directly onto the video itself and remain in place for the duration of your purchase. Alternatively, we can produce bespoke stings for you specifically for your sponsorship campaign. Please contact us for a quote.


A leaderboard advert displaying your branding or promotion can be placed directly above the featured films of the month. The advert will be hyperlinked to your website or desired page in relation to the promotion being run and will remain in place for the month of sponsorship purchased.

Accordion Display

An image presenting the required branding or promotion of the sponsor is displayed amongst the primary features of the page and encompasses an expanding section with more in-depth information and any required hyperlinks.

Sponsorship / Advertising Rates

LME Films Sponsorship Package – £375 + VAT

LME Films Sponsorship Package with personalised video sting – Contact for quote

20 Sec Film/Video Pre-roll (One Month) – £200 + VAT

Accordion Display Advert (One Month) – £250 + VAT

Leaderboard (One Month) – £250 + VAT

Wide Skyscraper: Sidebar (One Month) – £250 + VAT

Medium Rectangle: Sidebar – £250 + VAT

Medium Rectangle: Footer – £200 + VAT

Video Advertising Specifications

Format –  MP4 or .MOV / Resolution – 1280×720 or 1920×1080 / Bit Rate – 5000-10000 kbits/sec (1280×720) or 10000-20000 kbits/sec (1920×1080)

Display Advertising Specifications

Format – JPEG or PNG / Mode – RGB / Resolution – 72 DPI


Accordion: 1280px x 720px (100 word content limit)

Leaderboard: 728px x 90px

Wide Skyscraper: 160px x 600px

Medium Rectangle: 300px x 250px


Advertising Deadlines

Commencement of all online advertising and circulation of new publications takes place on the last Monday of the month. Therefore all orders for advertising either on our online platforms or our printed publications must be placed by the first Monday of the month, with all materials to be delivered no later than the first Friday of the month.

Next Advertising Cycle: 31st October 2016 – 27th November 2016

Order Placement Deadline: 3rd October 2016

Materials Delivery Deadline: 7th October 2016

Advertising Terms & Conditions

1) In these Terms and Conditions, ‘Publisher’ shall mean Lion Mountain Entertainment Ltd.

2) In these Terms and Conditions, ‘Advertiser’ shall mean the client wishing to purchase advertising space in any print-based, online, digital or other platform provided by Lion Mountain Entertainment Ltd.

3) All orders for advertising are subject to acceptance in writing by the Publisher and are subject to these conditions.

4) All orders for the publication of advertisements are subject to the availability of space.

5) All advertisements are to be supported by the name and address of the Advertiser and any advertising space booked can only be used for advertising the Advertiser’s own goods or services unless otherwise agreed by the Publisher.

6) The advertiser shall deliver copy by the copy date as shown in the production data.

7) Copy/advertising material must fulfil the requirements and be in the formats stated in the Advertising Specifications of the platform in which the advertising is to appear.

8) Any bespoke alterations to copy/advertising material required by the Advertiser will be charged for by the Publisher.

9) The delivery of any and all artwork, copy or other advertisement material by the Advertiser to the Publisher is at the risk of the Advertiser. As such, the Publisher cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to this material.

10) The Publisher reserves the right, where necessary, to stipulate special charges and/or conditions for bespoke services or other special requirements.

11) All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and Trade Descriptions Act 1968 (or any Statutory Modification). The Publisher reserves the right to decline or request that the Advertiser make necessary/reasonable amendments to any copy or artwork, where materials provided do not adhere to the above act or these Terms and Conditions. The right to ultimately decline any copy or artwork is exercised at the Publisher’s discretion.

12) The Publisher cannot accept responsibility for changes in dates of insertion, when requested by the Advertiser and/or copy unless these are confirmed in writing and in time for the changes to be made.

13) The Publisher reserves the right to charge for any additional expense involved in such changes.

14) The Publisher reserves the right to increase advertisement rates at any time or to amend the terms of contract as regards to the space or frequency or date/length of advertising cycle. Any such changes will have no effect on the price of advertising space purchased by the Advertiser prior to any changes in price or frequency of publication by the Publisher. In such an event the advertiser has the option of cancelling the balance of the contract without charge.

15) Where possible, the Publisher will notify the Advertiser of any such increases or amendments.

16) The placing of an order does not give the Advertiser any right to renew on the same terms for space in a future advertising cycle nor to postpone their advertisement for the same price.

17) Any request for postponement by the Advertiser will be treated as a new contract with the existing contract requiring performance through to its pre-determined conclusion.

18) Interest will be charged on late payment from the date of the Invoice at 2% per month but no interest will be charged if payment is made within 30 days of Invoice.

19) The Publisher will not be liable for any damage or loss caused in any way arising out of late publication, non publication or any omission or error in the publication of any advertisement. The Publisher cannot guarantee insertions to be on specific dates nor to be of specific sizes nor can the Publisher accept responsibility for the omission of one or more of a series of advertisements.

20) The Publisher reserves the right to use Agents for the Invoicing of advertisements and collection of accounts.

21) Full fees are payable unless cancellations are received no later than three weeks prior to the start of the advertising cycle as shown in the ‘Advertising Deadlines’ or on the Order Placement Deadline as shown in the ‘Advertising Deadlines’, whichever is sooner.

22) All advertising materials must be received from the Advertiser by the Publisher by the ‘Material Delivery Deadline’ as shown in the ‘Advertising Deadlines’. Should this deadline be missed, the Advertisers advertising material may not be included in the advertising cycle, however their payment may be retained by the Publisher.

23) A written copy of these Terms and Conditions, stipulating all relevant dates, deadlines and advertising space specific to each order will be provided by the Publisher to the Advertiser for verified agreement of all terms and for the records of both parties.